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In today's business competition, H.R. Department cannot be considered as a separate unit. 

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Rajkot Milk Union wish to see its milk and milk products in the kitchen or refrigerator of maximum number of families. This is possible only when quality, easy availability and control on prices are maintained. Ultimate result depends on suitable combination of quality production, training, distribution network and above all staff welfare activities.

Rajkot Dairy has a compact H.R. team covering all important areas for an effective and successful marketing. Performance and effectiveness are the goals achieved by maintaining good relationship with employees, creating a family atmosphere, a passion in work with a vision for company's growth in all aspects.

ORGANISATIONAL Climate Survey – Its Impact

Organizational climate survey (O.C.S.) and its findings, conducted during 2006 was of great help in improving different aspects of Human Resource Development. For an organization, involved in handling perishable commodities like milk and milk products; customer orientation, belongingness and accountability are of priority.

Major areas of O.C.S. are covered under staff facilities, training & orientation and lastly but not of least importance is staff welfare.

Actions taken by the management on the outcome of O.C.S. have definitely improved the situation with the introduction and implementation of recruitment and promotion policy, man power review, creativity, rewards and recognition etc.

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