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Balanced Cattle Feed & Mineral Mixture

Rajkot Milk Union have no cattle Feed Factory of its own. Balanced Cattle feed is purchased from other member Milk Union considering the importance of the products in growth, development, reproduction & milk production.

Milk Union is seriously considering for 100MT. Cattle Feed Plant to fulfill the demand of farmers. At present, efforts are being made to strengthen the seeding programme by organizing village level meetings, distributing balanced cattle feed either free or in subsidized rate under FIP (Fertility Improvement Programme ) and PEP ( Production Enhancement Programme ).

To overcome the problem of unbranded / poor quality cattle feed being sold by private manufacturers, chemical/ Nutritional analysis is being done at regular intervals for convincing farmers about the quality of the balanced cattle feed being supplied by Rajkot Milk Union.

Another product of significant importance is Mineral Mixture which is absolutely necessary for milk production and reproduction, mineral mixture also plays an important role in Enzyme system of the body besides its significant role in reproduction.

Rajkot Milk Union procures area specific Mineral Mixture from well known Indian Immunological Ltd. and is actively involved in seeding programme like Balanced Cattle Feed. Since June 2012, Rajkot Milk Union is regularly prowaring Razdan Powes Cattle Fed & Calf Stortav from Razdan Cattele Feed plant IIL of a wholly subsidized company of NDDB.

Proposals have been submitted under different programmes for the financial assistance of cattle feed & mineral mixture plant for Rajkot Milk Union.


Quality green fodder is absolutely necessary for growth, reproduction & milk production. Difficulties in producing quality green fodder is the availabilities of good quality fodder reach such besides irrigation facilities.

In view of the reasons, Rajkot Milk Union procures quality fodder seeds for farmers from known sources after verifying the germination percentage. The demand of different qualities of fodder seeds, leguminous & non - leguminous is increasing with the pass of time.

Proposal has been submitted for the procurement & supply of good quality fodder seeds to minimize financial burden to the farmers.


MTE is a very important item fro the village level dairy cooperative societies as payment to farmers / milk producers depend on the accuracy of this instrument. There are good number of manufacturers for the MTEs as Automatic Milk Collection (AMC) units with testing arrangements were not very commonly used in dairy cooperative societies.

Rajkot Milk Union procures quality milk testing equipments ( MTEs ) and AMC units with testing facilities for the cooperative societies.

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