Core Values

To increase marketing of milk & milk products, different ways & means of customer orientation were undertaken over the years to increase marketing which includes individual/ group meetings, mobile testing vans, house to house survey, visit of house wives/school children/retailers/depot holders to the Dairy plant, use of loud speakers in thickly populated areas besides posters, handbills, hoardings, danglers etc. Even flying kites during Uttarayan were means of customer orientation.

Village level milk producers are our foundation. First & foremost commitment of the union is regular and timely payment of milk price and price difference, regular supply of inputs and all other facilities directly or indirectly related to milk production and procurement of milk from DCS.

Integrity of the milk union was never in doubt or in question by the farmers/ consumers/suppliers/officials both inside and outside which is a great pride in addition to the tremendous success in last 50 years.

Excellence is the end product of integrity, honesty and commitment, which are associated with leadership and ways & means of directing an organization.

The progress of the Rajkot Milk Union in last 10 years compared to earlier decades clearly states the quality of leadership and direction being given in current years.

Quality of a Dairy for its products is not only recognized by the local consumers but through certification agencies like ISO 9001:2008(QMS), ISO 22000:2005(FSMS).

This is time taking aspect and a factory dealing with consumer products take little more time to innovate new items  / taste & preferences of local choice but efforts are on. Research and its implementation in technical arena has always been continuous to get more advantages with the efforts taken.

This depends on consumer's choice and acceptability. It is more in cities/towns with floating population. Definitely Rajkot Dairy has in mind this important area and time will prove.

It is based on natural habit and character of a person but beyond doubt, discipline and administrative control plays an important role. But without belongingness, the future of the organization becomes questionable and that is taken care in measured levels.

Without  MOTIVATION of the employees, an organization may not progress continuously. Normally motivation of employee can be  derived with monthly performance linked  incentive, satisfaction with facilities, administrative control etc.

It is strongly felt that Rajkot Milk Union extend  / fulfill all aspects  necessary for employees motivation. But it goes without saying that there are certain images/spots in the moon also.

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