Distribution Network

The success of marketing for a perishable commodity like milk completely depends on the effective Distribution Net Work. Different Milk Unions have different distribution system depending upon the total area to be covered & demand of the products manufactured by the Dairy.

Rajkot Milk Unions distribution systems for milk, ghee are different. Butter milk commonly known as chhas is distributed along with milk.

For milk, there are 52 distributors for Rajkot town and 52 for up country in outside Rajkot town. These 104 distributors supply milk in 500 ml, 200ml & 1 lit. Pouches & chhas (only 500 ml. pouch ) to 22,00 retailers selected by the Rajkot Dairy. These retailers supply milk & chhas to end consumers either by home delivery through "Hawkers" or consumers purchase milk & chhas directly from the retailers. Distributors are selected based on their performance during every financial year. Each Distributor has ear marked operational area.

In addition to the arrangement of, milk & chhas, Ghee is also made available to the Milk Bar Depots. Milk Bar Depots are established done by the Rajkot Dairy with the help of Rajkot Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police authorities.

There are 33 Milk Bar Depots functioning in Rajkot District allotted on contractual basis every year from 1st April to 31st March. Out of 31 Milk Bar Depots, 2 are operated by Panchayats.

The distributors & Milk Bar Depot holder indent their requirement of milk & chhas 24 hours in advance, the distributors supply milk to the retailers as per their demand.

For Ghee, there is one distributor for Rajkot town and a Super Distributor excluding Rajkot. The distributor & super distributor supply ghee in 500 ml pouches to the retailers as per their demand.

Ghee is also sold by the village level Dairy Cooperatives. The cooperatives send their demand to the C.S. & A.H.Division of the Milk Union, who in turn forward the demand to the Marketing Division. Supply to co-operative societies follows the same trend is from Marketing Division to CS & AH & then to village societies.

Demand for ghee by the distributors / Milk Bar Depots are sent to the Rajkot Dairy stating quantity along with cheque.

Marketing Peda (Both in 250gms & 500 gms pack) is done only by few selected Milk Bar Depots; retailers interested to keep Peda take from their depots.

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