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Rajkot Milk Union's most of the activities are replica of ANAND PATTERN. Milk procurement is one of the basic / fundamental activities which is supporting the entire programme / business of the Rajkot dairy.

Milk producers/ farmers become the member of the village level Dairy Cooperative Society (DCS), managed by a local management committee of about 11-12 elected farmer members. Members of the management committee elect a Chairman and the committee appoints a Secretary & a tester for the daily routine activities of the DCS. Farmers/ milk producers pour milk to the DCS during pre-fixed time both in morning and evening and receive payment at 10 days interval based on the quality of milk. Besides milk price, the Society pays price difference and annual bonus.

There are about 805 DCSs working on the same pattern , procuring milk 365 days of the year,thus establishing a ready made market in the village itself.

The villages where DCSs have been established are distributed throughout the district and the farthest is at 175 km. Besides the villages of Rajkot district , milk is also procured from about 210 DCSs of the adjoining districts of Jamnagar, Junagadh, Amreli & Porbandar.

To organise the DCSs in a systematic manner, Milk routes have been formed and all 805 functional DCSs are distributed in 80 milk routes. In view of high transportation cost and to maintain the quality of milk at low temperature, . Chilling units have been established at different places having different capacity.

Again to procure milk from more number of farmers who cannot bring milk within a fixed time at the DCS because their animals are kept at BARI, Bulk Milk Cooling Units (BMCU) of different capacities (2000 -5000 Lits) have been installed in 30 selected DCSs, with the financial assistance of the Govt. of India, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Animal Husbandry , Dairying & Fisheries. With this arrangement, milk collected from the milk producers for a little more delayed time both in morning and evening, transported once in 2/3 days, saving transportation cost & maintaining the quality at 4-5 C. Observing the advantages of BMCU, more DCSs are coming forward to install BMCU from their own fund. Rajkot Milk Union is also trying to help those DCSs who are interested in BMCU.

Milk from all DCSs, except from those taken to 6 Chilling Units, are brought to the Milk Collection Dock of Rajkot Dairy at Rajkot, in milk cans of 40 lit capacity. DCSs having BMCU, collect 3/4 times milk which is transported to Rajkot dairy in tanker.

The chilled milk from chilling units or pasteurized milk from Rajkot dairy, is sent to Mother Dairy , Gandhinagar or to any other dairy as per directions of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF).

S.N. BMC RAJKOT Wankaner Jamkandorana Majevadi Lajjai VinchhiyaKALAWAD
  Name of route Name of route Name of route Name of route Name of route Name of route Name of route Name of route
1 Kothi Tanker Charaniya Daladi Jamkandorana Jetalsar Tankara Somnath Panchdevada
2 Pratapgadh Tanker Bhadar Panchasiya (First Trip) Tanteswar Tikar Maliya Shivarajpur Pipar
3 Shivrajpur Tanker Kotda Sangani Panchasiya (Second Trip) Dhoraji Manavadar Dahisara Vinchhiya Jamvadi
4 Sadodar Tanker Bhid Bhanjan Nakalank Dhareswar Pancheswar Dahisara Lilapur Kalavad
5 Dadva Tanker Neknam Iswariya Upaleta Veraval OmNagar Belda  
6 Paneli Tanker Mengani Jambudiya Bhayavadar Talala Chakampar Lalavadar  
7 Sajanpar Tanker Ambaji Tithava Shivganga Baradiya Krushnagar    
8 Mevasa Tanker Ranjitgadh Lunsar Gayatrima Chandvana Bhavpar    
9 Upleta Tanker Kuwadava Matel Bavaridad   Virpar (Machhu)    
10 Amrapar Tanker Sardar Jariya Mahadev Pancheshwar   Khareda    
11 Virnagar Tanker Lodhika Rafaleshwar Gayatri        
12 Bhandariya Tanker Hadmatiya Samtherava Bavadidad        
13 Jamkandorana Tanker Bhadla Mahika Jamvadi        
14 Khadiya Tanker Halenda Krushnagar          
15 Dhrol Tanker Ramod          
16 Dadva Tanker Bileshwar            
17 Shrinathgadh Tanker Ranuja            
18 Verad Tanker Jetpur            
19 Dadli Tanker Jasdan            
20 Lamba Tanker Sanosara            
21 Shindhavadar Tanker Bhadva            
22 Navi Magni Tanker Beti            
23 Jasdan Tanker Padadhari            
24   Voginagar            
25   Kotdapitha            
26   Derdi            
27   Manthneshwar            
28   Holmata            
29   Und            
30   Dhutarpur            

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