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The importance of deworming became gradually evident to farmers with its slow use after distribution during health camps. Now a stage has reached, that the Milk Union is practising "Mass Deworming" and farmers are being benefited. One lakh fifty eight thousand sixty six animals (360000) from 675 Dairy Cooperative Societies were given deworming tablets costing Rs790330/- during 2014-15 of which 65% financial assistance was given by the Milk Union. To increase coverage, the union has decided to increase financial assistance upto 65% next year to practice deworming twice a year.

Fodder Seeds

Pressure on land for the production of cash crops, especially Groundnut and Cotton is to such an extent that farmers do not like to divert land for fodder production. However with the success of crossbreeding programme and high milk yielding Gir Cows and Jaffarabadi buffaloes, the farmers have started realising the importance of green fodder for growth, reproduction and milk production. There is all round shortage of good quality fodder seeds leading to difficulties in the production of quality fodders. Efforts are being made to supply good quality fodder seeds from outside sources after finding the germination percentage and previous records of seeds like Lucerne, Jowar, Rajka, Bajri, Maize etc.

To reduce the financial pressure on farmers and encourage fodder production and chaffing, Rajkot Milk Union has submitted proposal to the Department of Animal Husbandy, Dairying and Fisheries, Govt. of India through Director of Animal Husbandy, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Chaff Cutter

Normally chaffing of dry and green fodders is not practised in Saurashtra. In fact, farmers are not aware of the advantages of chaffing which saves wastage of fodder (upto 30%) and helps in digestion thereby increasing the utilization of nutrients which is reflected in gain in body weight, growth and milk production.

Rajkot Milk Union is trying its best to generate awareness in farmers about advantages of chaffing and initiated financial assistance by distributing Grass cutters (50% of cost) and elecrical Chaff cutter (25% of cost). Now Rs. 4, 01,596.00 only has been spent for this purpose and the Union is looking forward to invest more funds.

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