Gopal Thabdi


Gopal Thabdi

Product Specifications

Nutritional Information*
Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100 gm
Energy, kcal 412
Energy from Fat, kcal 180
Total Fat, g 20
Saturated fat,g 13.2
Polyunsaturated Fat, g 0.0
Monounsaturated Fat, g 0.0
Trans Fat, g 0.8
Cholesterol, mg 20
Total Carbohydrate, g 46
Added Sugar, g 29
Protein, g 12
Calcium, mg 500
Sodium, mgg 200
*Approx. values

**Not a significant source of dietary fiber , vitamin c and iron

Shelf Life Best Before 15 Days from the date of manufacturing when stored in a cool and dry place

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