Nutrition and Ration Balancing

Low milk production, reduced reproductive efficiency, disease problems etc of cows and buffaloes from birth till they are in production, and are mainly because of poor nutrition, insufficient feeding, lack of balanced quality cattle feed and mineral mixture with trace elements. Even results of colostrum feeding are not available and good percentage of farmers may not know the advantages of colostrum.

Considering these aspects , the area of research in the field of Nutrition is vast open which may start from Calf feeding - colostrum and whole milk , milk replacer, calf starter, light digestible concentrates, chaffed succulent green and dry fodder. Feeding results with branded and unbranded cattle feed/mineral mixture, unconventional cakes are also not available.

It is possible to give balanced ration to cows and buffaloes with the feeds, fodders, grains available with the farmers after calculating its nutritive value and supplementing if necessary by simple computerized system "RATION BALANCING". Use of dry fodders, greens, concentrates, hay, silage etc for preparing "Total Mixed Ration" is another grey area of feeding research.

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