Women Development

In Indian culture, especially in rural areas, women remain indoors. They get fewer opportunities to interact with out side societies, expose themselves with new environment and know the day to day progress. In view of all this, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Women & Child Development formulated programmes to involve rural women in dairy development activities as an approach of women development.

Women Development

In majority of the villages, cows & buffaloes are looked after by the house wives/ladies. Development of rural women through dairying was considered to be one of the means of women development because of their active participation in Dairy Development activities. It has been found that ladies are more particular in the management, feeding, breeding and disease control i.e. de-worming, and vaccination of animals for economic milk production. Ladies are more serious in caring for the animals especially new born calves. Involvement of rural women/specially house wives' contribution in clean milk production is incomparable.

In view of all these, large number of Women Dairy Coop. Societies are organized which went up to 59% in 2015-16 and the new by-laws for the development of Dairy Cooperatives became applicable to multiply women DCS & membership many fold.

To strengthen the participation of rural women in Dairy Development Activities, 26 women members from 11 Dairy Cooperative Societies were sent to Anand Agricultural University, Anand for 7 days training in Animal Husbandry. Involvement of ladies in Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development activities became highly significant which attracted the attention of the Management to the extent that all Vision and Mission Strategy programs are now being organized for village ladies/women who are involved in Animal Husbandry activites.




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