It is apparent that Rajkot milk Union has had an heterogeneous past and now it has not only started humming but also pulsating with vibrant activity which is the first and foremost pre-requisite for an industry by which it has been possible to get free from shackles of the past and innovate that heading towards enriching success.

The unit is performing at its highest year after year, keeping a track record of sustained growth and prosperity which initiated with net profit of Rs. 14.58 Lakhs in the year 2001-02 after wiping off accumulated loss of Rs. 44 Lakhs and since then earning net profit & offering 15 % dividend to shareholders. It is really a matter of pleasure that an effective marketing network has been established as a result of fine tuning of men and machine coupled with techno-management vision and effective distribution network & supply chain logistics coupled with synchronization process.

At present milk marketing level is above 3,22,000 LPD through retail network of around 4553 outlets managed by 141 Agencies though it has been struggling hard at a level of 35,000 LPD since long time and now expected to achieve around 3.5 LLPD in next 2-3 years. Plant capacity utilization has significantly improved from a relatively small turnover of Rs. 204.61 Crores in the year 2008-09 to Rs.845.83 Crores in the year 2018-19, a significant growth within tenure of 10 years.

The operations of the union cover about 592 villages in Rajkot including some villages of Amreli, Junagadh, Jamnagar and Porbandar districts of Gujarat. The union procured 452 TKgPD milk from its milk shed in the year 2018-19 from 797 DCS organized out of which 721 remained functional. The women membership in the DCS was 53% of the total membership. Presently the Union is procuring milk mainly at Wankaner milk chilling center (MCC) & milk cooling units at Lajjai ( Morbi), Jamkandorana & Majevadi, Vichhia, Kalawad through 834 functional DCS.

RMU has 1 chilling center at Wankaner,5 cooling units at Jamkondorna, Lajjai ,Vichhia, Majevadi & Kalawad (DCS owned )apart from BMC units at 90 villages beside one composite dairy plant at Rajkot. RMU has surpassed all limit of past and achieved milk procurement to an yearly average of 4.52 Lakhs Kg/day in 2018-19 against 2.43 Lakhs Kg/day in 2008-09 and now expecting to achieve around 6.0 LLPD in next 2-3 years and 9.0 LLPD in next 5 years.RMU has also established a benchmark by attaining significant growth in milk procurement & liquid milk marketing amongst member unions of GCMMF.

Milk Procurement Coverage:

The union proposes to increase the functional DCSs from 801 to 956 (including 198 DCs of other Dists.) with an avg. procurement target of 450 TKgPD, Peak procurement target 530 TKgPD and milk marketing target of 346 TLPD at the end of plan period. Keeping in view the above target, required investment has been proposed under category A (including MCC). However it is proposed to take up various other activities in the area of productivity enhancement, quality and plant management, market development, co-operative services, NIN apart from manpower training during the plan period as per requirement.

Rajkot Milk Union is covering Rajkot district under their area of operation while covering below mentioned Talukas under the strong network.

The union has an elected Board in place with 19 members. These include 14 elected members and four nominated members (one nominee of government, one nominee of GCMMF, one nominee of NDDB and one nominee of the District Cooperative Bank).

Area of Operation /Branch Details

Particualrs No. Location Capacity
Rajkot Milk Union (Gopal Dairy)
(Under expantion)
1 Rajkot 600 TLPD
Milk Chilling Plants / Bulk Milk chilling Unit 6 Wankaner 100 TLPD
Jamkandorana 75 TLPD
Lajjai 50 TLPD
Majevdi (DCS owned) 75 TLPD
Vichhiya 30 TLPD
Kalawad 25 TLPD
Sub Total  355 TLPD
    TOTAL 955 TLPD

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